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about us...

The Hub 7 Brand Development Agency was founded by two successful industry experts with niche skillsets developed after years of working with international brands and creating numerous top-rated product ranges which are still operated and sold under brands wholly-owned by Hub 7 today. The owners have created brands from the point of inception and taken them nationwide into multiple major highstreet chains and online retailers. Building on this success, the Hub 7 business now specialises in third party brand development and growth through a range of unique and cost-effective services, giving your business the best chance of achieving true success in new markets.


Our highly unique bespoke brand development service is available to select companies and noteworthy individuals looking to develop & launch their own brand or service within a number of key sectors our business specialises in – namely Beauty, Health & Fitness, Parent & Toddler, Automotive, and General Consumer Goods.


We also offer UK distribution partnership opportunities for existing international brands of all sizes looking for a knowledgeable and specialist UK-based distribution company to assist in helping their brand successfully enter the UK market.

If you are keen to launch a new brand, or own an existing brand and would like to discuss working with us on the development and growth into new areas and territories, please contact us and a member of our brand development team will be happy to discuss your idea or requirements.


We help businesses of all sizes in a wide variety of sectors. 
Contact us today to discuss the opportunities available to you.

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