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Amazon expect their sellers to maintain a very high standard of overall service when operating on their platform, and they are very quick to penalise and suspend any seller that falls below their minimum targets for any given area of account performance. 

If you are one of those unfortunate sellers who have just received and Account Suspension Notice and you don't know what way to turn, look to us for professional assistance in getting your Amazon account suspension appealed and your selling privileges quickly reinstated.

Our Amazon Account Suspension Appeal service costs just £295+vat and we have had a 100% success rate to date in overturning suspensions for our clients. Please initially contact us to discuss the reasons behind your suspension and provide a copy of the email received from Amazon. We will then assess your case free of charge and if we feel we can assist in helping you appeal your suspension we will move forward with creating a bespoke appeal letter. 

Unlike some Amazon suspension appeal services available, we create a totally 100% bespoke and unique appeal letter carefully addressing the reasons your account has been suspended. We focus on the key areas of the suspension and work with you to ensure your appeal letter is professionally presented and rightly considered. We also follow up the process through to the reinstatement of your selling privileges and we offer a 50% refund if we are not successful.

Get in touch today to discuss your suspension with one of our Amazon Specialists.

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