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Looking to gain an edge on your competition? You may have already considered investing in one of Amazon's Sponsored Ad Campaigns to get your product listing visible on the first page of their search results. However, very often these Ad Campaigns can be low-converting, costly ventures that wipe out your profits or actually end up costing you money, resulting in a loss-making position for the product you are trying to sell. 

The success of a Sponsored Ad Campaign largely depends on how it is set up, the type of keywords you are targeting, the optimum cost-per-click, and various other aspects. Take advantage of a Managed Campaign and leverage our experience and knowledge to assist in creating a cost-effective, optimised ad strategy that is designed to help you quickly sell more products and maintain a profitable position. 

We set up and manage Amazon Sponsored Ad Campaigns for numerous clients and offer a low-cost monthly management fee which covers all aspects of your campaign. We also offer one-off set up options if you prefer to manage campaigns yourself once they have been created.


 Contact us to discuss setting up a managed Sponsored Advertising Campaign today - Click here

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