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No such thing as a free lunch? We beg to differ... To help promote our amazing portfolio of bloggers and influencers, we are currently giving brands FREE access to our Blogger Outreach Programme, meaning you can connect with great quality bloggers of all sizes without spending a penny. 

Tap into our network of bloggers and put your product in front of a huge audience via featured reviews. Our Blogger Outreach Programmes connect you with bloggers who love trying out new products and telling their followers about their latest discoveries, plus recommendations often result in a much higher click-through and conversion rate than regular advertising. We offer the opportunity to connect with up to 3 bloggers with our free programme, and should you wish to receive exposure into our full database with no limits on how many bloggers can connect with you, we can run our Standard Blogger Outreach Programme which is priced and tailored to your specific requirements.

We have over one thousand carefully qualified bloggers and influencers on our books, ranging in size and with a total audience base well in excess of 20 million. You can choose from various tiers and options to bespoke your Blogger Outreach Campaign to your requirements and any budget you may have (although many of our small/medium-sized bloggers are perfectly happy to work on a product gifting basis without charging a fee). We also offer a popular paid-for package that combines our PR campaigns with Blogger Outreach to give you maximum brand exposure across a range of online and offline channels.

Send out your first FREE Blogger Outreach Campaign (or register your interest in our Standard Blogger Outreach Campaign) by completing the form below and let us show you how we can help get your brand in front of new audiences and customers today.

Thanks! Message sent.

Once you submit your Blogger Outreach Campaign request, a member of our team will review and (if suitable) approve your submission and will then be in contact to confirm it has been queued for sending out to the most relevant sector of bloggers on our database. Interested bloggers will make contact directly with you using the email address you have provided with your Campaign. Please note, we allow one free outreach campaign per brand, and all campaign approvals are done at the discretion of Hub 7 Ltd. Please also note that a Blogger Campaign will normally mean sending your product out to those bloggers you wish to work with. This is done at your own cost and most products are non-returnable by bloggers.

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