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The UK Health, Fitness and Diet industry is worth in excess of £3 billion and growing yearly. With the uprise and popularity of social media, it has become much easier for well-known individuals to capitalise on their large social following through the recommendation of various health brands in return for sponsorship, endorsements, or fees. If you are an established influencer, celebrity or social media sensation, our private label health & fitness range takes things to the next level by allowing you to realise the true value in actually owning a health & fitness brand. Rather than promoting other brands you could shortly be offering your own brand of nutritional products to your followers instead.

Why take an endorsement fee or small commission for each product you recommend that sells for a third party brand, when you can instead make a higher profit on the 'wholesale to retail' price recommending and selling your own supplements? Some clients even offer incentives to others in return for promoting their brands to help maximise their sales. Having your own brand puts you in full control of your future earnings potential.

Hub 7 can offer you a wide range of natural health and fitness supplements, weight loss and diet aids, detoxifiers, work out intensifiers, fat burners, vitamins, whey protein, creatine, and meal replacements – many of which offer similar or better quality ingredients than most of the well-known competition, and all of which are manufactured under strict GMP license to ensure the highest quality. Most products associated with working out, losing weight, maintaining a physique, or training for competitions can be supplied from our white label range. We can supply you with just one SKU or hundreds, you simply select the products you would like in your range and we help you create your brand.

With low minimum order quantities per product, your investment in setting up a brand can be significantly reduced, minimising risk and helping you get your brand launched cost-effectively. We also offer full-service programmes that take care of customer order fulfillment and product storage, meaning you can concentrate on promoting your brand and we take care of the order fulfilment aspect - making sure all your customer orders are dispatched on a daily basis. We can provide worldwide shipping from our UK-based warehousing facility or if you specifically want to target, for example, the USA or Australia, we can send and store your products at our American or Australian warehouse facilities, meaning your international customers benefit from cheaper domestic inland shipping and faster delivery times.

Click here to contact a member of our private label health & fitness brand development team and discuss your options today.

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