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List your deals with us to gain access and visibility to our network of UK-based shoppers who enjoy trying new products at a discount. For a low monthly fee you can list up to 10 of your Amazon products with us which will be promoted into our network of shoppers. Your deals will also be promoted into a number of other Amazon Shopper Communities who enjoy learning about new products, maximising your exposure and improving your chances of selling more stock.


The requirements are simple, you just need to offer a discount on your product (recommended minimum 25% / maximum 100%). We will help you set up the code in your Amazon Seller Central account (if required) and also feature it with your product on our Deals page so our shoppers can redeem it if they like the look of your product and wish to make a purchase.

BENEFITS - Amazon factors in the volume of sales your listing makes when deciding where to rank your products in their search results. Those products with higher sales volumes generally appear higher in their search results. By running a promotion with ourselves you are promoting your products to a new audience who may wish to try it for themselves and may be happy to purchase at a discount. Each of these sales still count towards your total order volume which in turn often has a positive effect on your ranking in the search results. The end goal is you begin making more full price sales as a direct result of your successful promotion helping you climb up the rankings.


For just £35+vat per month, you can promote up to 10 of your Amazon product listings with us. To get started, simply fill out the below form and we'll be back in touch to get your products listed on our site and promoted into our network of shoppers within 24hrs (Mon-Fri).

Thanks! We'll be in touch shortly.

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